Rich Mess EDP: A Perfectly Messy Scent

Saturday December 17, 2022

Rich Mess EDP: A Perfectly Messy Scent

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By: Stephanie M.

This new release has a name so intriguing that you may want it solely because it's a "Rich Mess". Rich and a purposeful "mess" in composition. Rich Mess, a luxury NYC brand established by Ryan Richmond, brings disruption and messiness (in the best possible way). Rich Mess Eau de Parfum is new to LUXSB. This fragrance is perfect for your wardrobe and great for Fall/Winter. 

Rich Mess is a leather woody unisex composition, modern, sexy, exciting, and unpredictable.  Top notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and fig are reminiscent of bubbly champagne. Then the fragrance's heart comes into view with saffron, sandalwood, and vanilla notes. Atlas cedar, leather, and spicy lilies add a hint of oriental, wood, and freshness. The overall effect is complex: lightly green as is warm. 

This niche is a balanced unisex composition. A hint of sensual saltiness with an unexpected floral element lends to the total effect of Rich Mess. 

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