About Us

Leila and Lindsey are both beauty-industry veterans who enjoyed successful careers in the field before starting Luxury Scent Box. Many online sites will sell you fragrances, of course, but none of them can draw from our depth of expertise and passion to guide you to the perfect ones. LUXSB, the official Luxury Scent Box is women-owned and founded.

Our idea for LUXSB, the official Luxury Scent Box came directly from the frustrations we’ve all shared when shopping for a perfume or cologne. It goes like this. You visit a store and immediately feel overwhelmed by the choices. After a few spritzes, everything smells the same. The “helpful” salesperson only winds up pressuring you. Finally, you head home with a large, expensive bottle of something you’re not even sure you like.

Sound familiar? We’ve heard it many times.

That’s why we decided to rebuild fragrance shopping from the ground up. We began in 2010 by opening OC Perfumes, an intimate boutique where we could get to know each client before matching them something special. In her formative years as a successful fragrance executive, Leila would often hear her colleagues refer to her as a “nose”—someone who could not just instantly identify a scent someone was wearing, but also recommend new ones based on what they already liked. Deploying that expertise to benefit each customer became our mission, and we quickly earned a reputation for helping clients discover scents they loved.

One of the ways we did that was by solving the age-old problem of sizing. By furnishing customers with travel-sized atomizers, we gave them the opportunity to wear the fragrance for a few weeks before deciding whether a full-sized bottle was right for them. Today, sampler sizes are central to what we do, and we’re here when you want to upgrade to a larger size, too.

Tucked into a quiet corner of Santa Ana, California, OC Perfumes was a local secret until referrals to friends and family grew our client list across the southwest. By 2016, we decided to go national by creating LUXSB. Today, our online customers enjoy the same attention and proven results that made us renowned in Southern California. Tapping our years of experience, we’ve designed a detailed but easy-to-use survey that, by analyzing each client’s past likes and key preferences, allows us to tailor make a sampling of scents, shipped directly to their homes.

Fragrances are not only part of our lives, they’re as individual as a favorite song or pair of jeans. Do you long to find your signature scent? We’ll help you do it, and you can start right now. LOVE LIFE WITH PERFUME®