About Us

The LUXSB - Luxury Scent Box Story


LUXSB - Luxury Scent Box is a monthly fragrance subscription site for men and women. It was created to match you with the perfect scent one at a time! The Founders are fragrance specialists having over 15 years of expertise in the world of perfume and cologne. With this expertise in the fragrance industry, the knowledge and passion for scents influenced them to establish LUXSB.com.

Why was LUXSB - Luxury Scent Box created? The founders understand how the process of shopping for fragrances can be complicated and confusing for many people. Not knowing which scent is right for you, the process becomes overwhelming and feeling lost when choosing a fragrance. Sometimes even purchasing a fragrance and taking home a scent that you end up not enjoying. Not with LUXSB -Luxury Scent Box!

Fragrance shopping was a disappointing experience when finding the perfect scent. Many asked the Founders for their expertise in recommending a fragrance. Sure enough, each customer loved the recommendations they provided and continually asking them for fragrance advice. Sample perfume first, large size later! It was very common to also hear how men or women would carry around their large size fragrance bottle when they are on the go. Some women would carry it in their purse or men would carry the large size in the car. It was inconvenient when traveling. The founders discovered a way to make shopping for fragrances easy, enjoyable, convenient and time saving!  Luxury Scent Box was born in its home of California and resides here! 

The Founders passed this knowledge down by creating a short scent survey that populates fragrance recommendations selected for you. Offering you to choose your luxury by subscribing monthly and receiving a new fragrance of your choice in a Luxury Scent Box travel size atomizer. Choosing from a large selection of 100% authentic designer fragrances as a part of the monthly consultation. Every month Luxury Scent Box is shipped straight to your door to the convinience of your home.

There is no more need to get frustrated shopping for a perfect scent. Their ultimate goal is finding the perfect scent for you by exploring your senses monthly!  Having men and women mind-blowing over the perfect scent and smelling extraordinary is that easy.