Juliette Has A Gun: A House of Personality

Monday March 22, 2021

Juliette Has A Gun: A House of Personality

Fragrance is an expresive art. The interpretation of a note has many possiblities. Moods. Juliette Has a Gun is masterful in crreating scents fpr every mood of a woman. The nose of this brand, Romano Ricci is the great-grandson of Nina Ricci, also a world reknowned perfumer; the famous L' Air Du Temps is one of  the Ricci masterpieces. He established JHAG in 2006 as a choice in elegance for women who have thatt desire to be free. Juliette is liberated, a woman who transations from place to place with her Gun, the perfume itself as a metaphor. There is power in having so many choices and JHAG offers 16 in their library. Three that should be in your fragrance library are Miss Charming, Lady Vengeance, and Not A Perfume. 

Miss Charming is according to JHAG is the perfume of a virgin witch. She is delicate and seductive. Moroccan Rose is the flower she wears. A true deeply allurring floral mixed with wild berries. But don't forget that the rose that looks delicate also has thorns. The nose of Miss Charming is Francis Kurkdijian, another renowned perfumer in his own right. This wickedly good floral musk has the top notes of Moroccan Rose, strawberry, and littchi. The base note is musk.

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Lady Vengeance is a picture of a lady. She leaves a trail of mystery and seduction. She is a temptress.  This is the essence of a flora chypre. Lady Vengeance's intriguaing path starts with top notes of  hebral lavender and fresh bergamot. She entices with middle notes of Bulgarian Rose and patchouli. The base note of ambroxan closes her grasp.

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Not A Pefume is quite a name for a unique ingredient, molecular cetalox. This is Julliete Has A Gun's cult classic scent. It is truly not a perfume, but one stunning Think clean, fresh from the dryer.  A well crafted musk scent that is also non allergenic. The top, base, and base notes are all cetalox. 

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