Valentine's Day Last Minute Gifting With LUXSB

Monday January 29, 2024

Valentine's Day Last Minute Gifting With LUXSB

Valentine's Day is around the corner! Little reminders of love are all around us, from aisles of presents fully decked out in hearts galore in scarlet and pink to those small mementos and thoughtful gestures that mean so much. It's nearly impossible to select just the right items that say exactly what you need to on such an important day as this day of love. Why not send something that feels right every single day? Something that offers more than temporary excitement. A gift that will last much longer than chocolates or flowers? Although LUXSB would pair well in a nicely packaged bundle! Send a LUXSB fragrance subscription and let us make Valentine's Day just as special, magical, and memorable as your gift recipient is. 

Why is LUSXB fragrance subscription the best way to gift perfume this V-Day? It's simple. Fragrance gifting is sometimes complicated, and daunting if you don't happen to know exactly what they like.  If you've walked into a boutique or near a perfume counter lately, the choices are probably bewildering. Especially when it comes to choosing another individual's perfect scent. Scents are so subjective after all. Then the testing begins, with row after row of bottles or a sales associate spraying a test card. Maybe no scent feels like the right one. But the pressure is on you to make a choice, so you do. This is intense because the stakes are high on V-Day to deliver a perfect gift experience. 

Buying a perfume or cologne on the spot is often equivalent to blind buying a fragrance, where descriptions are sometimes much different than the experience of the notes. Some scents are ordered online, without any interaction with the scent which may also be a mistake without a tester or sample. Maybe the body chemistry of your loved one just doesn't mix with the gift at all. Any of these outcomes lead to disappointment and the hassle of returns. Or the potential that you can't send it back for something else. 

LUXSB Makes Fragrance Gifting Easy and Convenient

We realize that the long lines during the holidays are time-consuming. Valentine's Day is one of the most high-demand holidays of the year. LUXSB is a fragrance subscription service that brings that gift to your loved one in time to enjoy before dinner and champagne. Or in time to wear to dinner. LUXSB gets it. We want your day to be as amazing as you do and know that time is of the essence during busy holidays like Valentine's. Your gift of LUXSB is super easy to order and arrives without hours of scouring boutiques and specialty stores. 

LUXSB is Guess-Free Gifting At Your Service

We are here to help make this Valentine's super easy and smooth, with no guessing required. Just sign up for a gift subscription and let us do everything else. LUXSB helps out with a fragrance survey that your gift recipient can take to narrow down their choice for that month's scent selection. The only thing you will need to do is to make the choice of the length of time your gift will arrive at their doorstep.  Choose from 3-month ($45), 6-month($90), and 12-month ($165) subscriptions. It is really that simple to bring a niche or designer scent to your loved one this Valentine's Day and any other special occasion that your heart desires! 

LUXSB is Individualized And Personal 

Individual service is at a premium these days, especially for holiday gifting. When stores are really busy, the amount of attention in the perfume section is often less than personal. LUXSB is serious about making gifting fun and personal. Gifting is one of our favorite things, too! With as many scents are we offer here at LUXSB, a great match is available for the most selective customer. When a gift is personal and heartfelt, it is treasured and truly appreciated by the recipient. When your loved one chooses their favorite scent, it becomes even more personalized.  

LUXSB Sends Generously Sized Travel Sizes 

How large is the vial will my loved one receive in their gift? LUXSB is generous in our travel sizes, offering one of the largest sizes in a fragrance subscription service. We deliver value in a full .30 oz/ 9ml spray. This is equivalent to 150 sprays per vial! One vial can last a month or longer, which for many of our niche selections is a superb savings in comparison to regular retail pricing. This is sampling without sacrificing the ultimate enjoyment of scent. They can take another spritz or reapplication from their patented chic two-toned atomizer. 

Did We Mention Our Gorgeous Atomizer? 

A large luxurious vial of perfume is not the only glamorous part of the gift they will get. Our stunning atomizers are simply eye-catching and protect your bottle from damage or spills. Your gift recipient can take this atomizer anywhere, from handbag to gym bag and travel bag or carry-ons. Our atomizers have been seen on social logging travel and airline miles of our incredible customers. 

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