Thameen London: A Modern British Heritage Collection

Sunday February 11, 2024

Thameen London: A Modern British Heritage Collection

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By: Stephanie M.

Travel the world of fragrance at LUXSB, the official Luxury Scent Box. LUXSB is bringing an exclusive, you may only find it across the globe. Or in this case, across the pond. The launch of Thameen London is one of those rare niche finds that bring so much excitement to our incredible fragrance subscription! Thameen London fragrances are now available at LUXSB. This British-born fragrance house has all the makings of a timeless brand: master craftsmanship, attention to artistry, and respect for the environment. With several scents to select from, Thameen might become your signature selection for luxurious worldly flair and a clever nod to British Heritage.

Thameen London debuted in 2013 with a collection inspired by the most beautiful and storied rare jewels in the world, The Treasure Collection. A few of the selections from this creative collection include Regent Leather, Blue Heart, Patiala, and Green Pearl.

Thameen London Regent Leather

Thameen's Regent Leather is a study in amber, vanilla, and leather accords. It was inspired by the Regent Diamond, a 141- carat stunning rare gem. The top notes of lemon blends so smoothly with the heart of saffron, cardamom, jasmine, and rose. Base notes of vanilla, patchouli, cedar, labdanum, gurjan balsam, and musk combine to punctuate the beauty of the unisex masculine-leaning composition. Its well-balanced profile makes Regent Leather suitable for both men and women. More than a few fragrance lovers consider it to be equally as intoxicating as the scent of the luxury interior of a new car. The suede effect of Regent Leather may just inspire dreams of trips to a Rolls-Royce shoppe in London.

Thameen London Blue Heart

Thameen's Blue Heart is inspired by the largest heart-shaped blue diamond. Legendary in itself, Blue Heart reminds one of the mysterious enchantment of orris, tonka bean, and vanilla. Genuine extracts of saffron and coconut add a gourmand, almost tropical element to the amber-based scent. The sparkling vibe of this scent make it perfect for summer nights by the seashore. Or imagine your own blue oasis and spritz away!

Thameen London Green Pearl

Thameen's Green Pearl is an aromatic scent inspired by this naturally occurring Chinese pearl, as or more valuable than diamonds. Health, prosperity, and good luck may be yours after spritzing this lively fragrance. Bergamot, apple, neroli, and mandarin orange provide an energetic initial impression. Middle notes of green notes, tea, artemesia, and pepper invigorate the senses. Base notes of musk, oakmoss, and tonka bean round out the masculine-leaning unisex composition. This fragrance is ideal for warm weather wear.

Thameen London Patiala

Thameen's Patiala is inspired by the Patiala necklace of India. The beauty of this prized necklace is painted in all the colors of the feminine-leaning unisex creation. Patiala is a rose, citrus, amber scent recollecting memories of fragrant rose blooms with shimmering amber and opulent woods. Top notes of aldehydes and citrus open the fragance boldly. Middle notes of rose and orange blossom are a floral counterpoint. Base notes of amber, oakmoss, and musk create a warm embrace. Perfectly wearable any time of year, this scent is as classic as contemporary.

Make Thameen your new luxury fragrance choice: a modern British aesthetic crafted in homage to traditions in fine perfumery at LUXSB perfume subscription.

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