Surprise Mom with a LUXSB Gift Subscription

Sunday May 1, 2022

Surprise Mom with a LUXSB Gift Subscription

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By: Stephanie M.

 The adage "no one loves you like your Mom" is a beautifully sincere note of appreciation that makes Mother's Day one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Giving thanks for how many awesome sacrifices mothers make on the daily for their families is well worth the effort of making the right choice for gift giving. There is a myriad of potential presents one could give to their best friend, best girl, or favorite woman in the world. Why not give her one that always fits and never goes out of style: the gift of fragrance! The reasons for gifting your Mom a scent are as numerous as the amount of perfumes to choose from on LUXSB. Plus, we offer gift subscriptions that will make any lucky recipient grin from ear to ear! 

Fragrance is a very important part of self care. It is carried with you and becomes a part of you, one that can be switched depending on the mood. This makes giving fragrance one of the best ways to remind Mom of how much you truly love her. Wearing scent is a personal j0urney, a daily reminder of a feeling, an energy, an aura that helps connect to the world around you. With this special scent, she will explore a sense of luxury, well-being, and centeredness. 

Scent is an item that, unlike flowers or dinners out, will not disappear immediately or in a few days. Scent is an experience, but has a lasting effect.  It is an investment that gifts itself again and again.  It is a refined and elegant gesture that never loses its beauty. Your mother will tell her friends all about the bottle of fragrance you gave her for years to come. If you're lucky, she might even share it!

LUXSB gift subscription is available in 3, 6, and 12 month increments. The price starts at $45 for 3 months, $90 for 6 months, and $165 for a year. Your Mom will get any scent of her choice (or let us do the work and select it) in one of the largest sizes in subscription boxes, 9 ml (0.30 oz). This is like getting 1/3 of a full size bottle and 150 sprays of scent! She also receives with this gift the convenience of switching up scents whenever she wants and easy portability with an ultra sleek LUXSB atomizer case perfect for a purse, travel luggage, gym bags, and clutches for evenings out on the town. 

We at LUXSB are always here to help with outstanding customer service to ensure that her gift subscription is everything she would wish for and more. Our selections are from top niche and designer houses and the list of perfumes is over 700 and growing. Celebrating Mother's Day with a LUXSB subscription delivers happiness to her doorstep with love!