The Scent of Destination: Source Adage

Saturday July 18, 2020

The Scent of Destination: Source Adage

Finding a new scent is like finding a new favorite place to travel or visit. The escape to another place in time. The experience is a sensory event.  Unlike some trips taken, the scent always goes with you. There is a newer niche house on the scene that creates fragrant memories of destinations with the finest raw materials. The house of Source Adage takes the adage of where you travel and brings it to life. There are four distinct parts of the scent journey, which are monto'ac, c'i'aan, i'khana, and aka'ula. Each truly shines in its own unique place and evokes those thoughts along with artfully chosen notes. 

i'khana is a destination of enlightenment, from the Choctaw language of the Southwest. This scent is a memory of visiting the Florida Keys. The notes of this stroll along the shoreline include the following: Grapefruit Rind, Lime, Spicy Peppercorn, Cardamom, Coconut, and Pale Musk. 

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monto'ac originates from the Croatian dialect of the Carolinian Algonquins, meaning "great spirit". This intriguing scent is like visiting the forests and taking in the lush, light scents of the pines. The notes include Silver Sage, Native Green Grape, Oak Moss, and Green Tobacco Leaves, Leather, and Musk. 

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c'i'aan is one amazing blend with the word having origin in the Southern Alaskan Ahina language, meaning "New Moon". This uplifting journey to Alaska's wilderness consists of a highly complex blend. The notes of Fragrant Juniper CO2 Extract, Spearmint, Apple are the balance or the ice to the fire and warmth of Balsamic Fir, Cedar, and Amber. 

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aka'ula is derived from the Native Hawaiian language meaning "Red Sunset". This is the lovely fragrant nod to the tropical beauty of the island that is also a place of volcanic eruptions. And the red lava and embers of smoke leave the visual trail of its natural fury. The scent trail of aka'ula is the notes of Spicy Ginger CO2 extract, Vetiver, Pineapple leaves, Agarwood, Vanilla and Deep Coffee and Smoke notes. The embers seem to literally send off an aloha with each spray. You can find the Source Adage niche brand here at LUXSB in the premium category. 

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Source Adage - Founded by creative directors, Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay.



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