Make Self-Care Your Priority

Sunday April 19, 2020

Make Self-Care Your Priority

Now more than ever, it is so important to enjoy the small things in life. The experience of wearing fragrance is a tiny reminder of taking a moment to breathe. To feel your personal best, even while being indoors more than usual. Don't let life indoors affect personal care. This is an ideal time to find ways to create your own consistent routine and make home a special place for self-care to take care of yourself and your family. Daily or consistent use of a scent is a great way to give yourself as much self love, care, and support in times of uncertainty. 

One way to control your environment is to choose to wear scent. That is a simple choice, also an assertive, powerful action. Spraying perfume or cologne is a small act that makes a big diffference. You will smell great, and feel better. A choice for your well being sets the tone for everyone around you, and promotes self awareness. Maintaining grooming habits is essential to staying self aware. Plus, taking pride and joy in self-care may bring out self confidence. 

Make your home feel as familiar, but also as productive as possible. Using a signature fragrance is like a special memory, or soft blanket, both secure and comforting. Lift your spirit with your LUXSB perfume subscription, or companion products such as body lotion, shower gel, or fragrance hair mists. And scents as mood enhancer is a ritual that goes back to ancient times. It is the art of aromatherapy. Using key notes or oils to create a better frame of mind, and to release tension from the body.  Try using fragrances with notes of iris, lavender, citruses (think oranges, lemon, neroli, and grapefruit), vanilla, and rose to destress and make use of all of the extra, but so valuable me time. The note finder tool on the LUXSB site can help locate the perfect fragrance.      

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