Keeping Up With the Boxes

Monday June 14, 2021

Keeping Up With the Boxes

Everywhere you look there's a new subscription box service. Monthly cat food, workout accessories or even just random 'stuff', whatever you want it's probably available. The subscription box landscape is changing faster than we can probably all keep up however, we at LUXSB want to continue the legacy of being a luxury brand provider. 

LUXSB is one of the original perfume subscription services. Specializing in niche fragrances and catering to those who appreciate finer quality, we are constantly looking for ways to improve not only our product offerings but the customer experience as well. While 2020 was definitely full of surprises, unprecedented times and endless days at home, we at LUXSB took some time to revisit our business and have come up with a handful of improvements we think everyone will enjoy.

Updated Plan Structure and Site Improvements

  • We offer a single 'base' plan giving you access to our subscription service. In the past we had multiple tiers, annual plans, premium plans etc. Starting with one single plan will help make monthly pricing easier to understand and allows us to focus on giving you more options in the future.
  • The LUXSB Monthly Plan is now $15.95 a month. This gives you access to our fragrance calendar where you can choose to have any one of our standard fragrances sent to you each month with no additional charge.
  • We offer 'Premium' and 'Ultra Premium' fragrances at a minimal extra charge on the month you receive the fragrance. Premium fragrances are an additional $5 while Ultra Premium are $10 additional.
  • Premium and Ultra Premium fragrances are indicated on the product page and will be itemized as a billing estimate on your user account page.
  • We have updated the user account page to reflect what makes more sense. You will see your next fragrance that will be shipped, itemized extra charges and a total estimate for your next month charges.
  • We offer two pre-pay options during sign-up. You will pay the base subscription charge for your first month plus an additional amount to cover future shipments. If you choose this option, we will give you credit based on the amount you choose. Pre-pay $100 and receive a $20 credit. Pre-pay $200 and receive a $40 credit. Your available 'credit' will also show on your user account page.


  • As we refine our user experience as well as our billing system, we will be offering an easier way to 'add on' products each month. The billing will all be handled on your regular billing date and allows us to bundle your products in one shipment.
  • A smartphone app is coming soon. As we refine the pricing structure and billing system, we will be able to create a simple user interface for your to manage your subscription, leave reviews and contact support.
  • Improved rewards. We launched a pilot program 'LUXSB Rewards' allowing you to earn points redeemable to subscription charges. As we receive more feedback on this program, we will be creating easier ways to earn, manage and redeem your points.
  • Updated site. A few years ago the site went through a major makeover. We will be constantly improving the user experience and create easier ways to manage your account, organize your calendar and learn about our fragrances.

Existing customers on our legacy plans will remain on the same plan and price. * You may notice some updates on how your monthly summary is displayed as well as your invoice but that's about it. If you wish to change to the new plan you can contact us at [email protected].

As always, we invite feedback as we make these changes. Please let us know if something isn't working quite right or if your user experience needs improvement.