Fragrant Spring Selections by Mancera

Friday April 30, 2021

Fragrant Spring Selections by Mancera

We are in the midst of a beautiful season, and along with the newness of Spring comes amazing fragrance launches. The niche house of Mancera Paris has several selections that are a must try, perfect to add to your wardrobe. We suggest trying out Mancera Juicy Flowers, Mancera Midnight Gold, and Mancera Aqua Wood to let the sun into your personal me time and for that much needed pick-me-up! These are part of the Rainbow Collection, a new launch for the house known for beautiful Eastern inspired scents.

Mancera Juicy Flowers could easily be that go to for fans of that can't get enough of Floral Fruity category. The composition is perfect for the warmer seasons. Juicy pear, red fruits, citruses, and pink pepper make up the top notes. Rose, sweet peach, jasmine and sandalwood develop in the heart. The delicious finish are notes of grey amber, black vanilla, raspberry, and powdery white musk. Fun and cheeky, this one will leave your spirits flying high! 


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Mancera Midnight Gold is a gorgeous luminous scent that has aromatic and solar notes to enchant and inspire. Amber woody would be a good category to use to describe the composition. Cardamom, rosemary, mandarin, lime, neroli, and black pepper open with a refreshing quality. Patchouli leaves, Turkish rose, cedar, and fresh notes build the heart. Sparkling amber, oakmoss, Nepalese oud, and white musk linger in the base notes. This is the type of Oud perfect for someone that enjoys a fresher take and lighter projection. 


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Mancera Aqua Wood is a rush of adventure, a fierce adrenaline rush of citrus and pear. In every note, the fresh wilderness of the ocean and the radiance of the sun. Easy to love, impossible to forget. Try out all of the new Mancera in our premuim category selections and step into Spring/Summer 2021 ready for all of the incredible days ahead! 


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