Fragrant Compositions: L'Orchestre Parfums

Monday March 15, 2021

Fragrant Compositions: L'Orchestre Parfums

There is a new launch at LUXSB - Official Luxury Scent Box, and it sounds amazing. The worlds of music and fragrance are both powerful in emotion, several senses engaged. The two arts combine to make L'Orchestre Parfums. Music after all shares fragrance's terms: note, chord, tone, texture, composition. This is the concept of French perfumeur and musician Pierre Guguen. Listen to your fragrance. Smell the music. Add intense memories that happen when we listen to a song and smell a beautiful fragrance. Each of the offerings in the niche line has a song, a mood, and meaning. Creatives in both arts joined to incorporate emotion in the notes of song and scent. The utmost of care went into creating an original song for every scent, and making a clean scent with 100% french natural beet alcohol, cruelty-free perfume. Every bottle is lacquered by hand.

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Moods and musical tastes are as individual as a niche scent. There is a theme that will be music to your ears. Find your favorite blend with L'Orchestre's range of parfums. The range includes The' Darbouka, Rose Trombone, Piano Santal, Bouquet Encore, Electro Limonade, Flamenco Neroli, Enscens Asuka, and Cuir Cora. 

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Piano Santal is a white woody dream. Addictive and milky. Awaken in a piano. White sheets and somnolent skin scents in a woody and musical cathedral. 

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Bouquet Encore, an Eau de Parfum.  A narcotic floral, addictive and sensual. Barcelona. Electronic night. 3:12 A.M. Irresistible techno waves with fluorescent rhythm in black light. A collective adrenaline. Bouquet of florals notes and Madagascar vanilla creating the addictic of this euphoric mix. Parfum composed by Pierre-Constatin Gueros. He has worked his perfume art from New York to Dubai via Germany working for many beautiful houses such as Davidoff, Givenchy, and Mauboussin.

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Cuir Kora is the beginning of a ceremony lulled by the magical harmony of a kora, a mirage leather. It's wild, wood and spicy. Notes of a sweet Mango, Cardamom, Leather Labdanum and Pallisander Wood. Perfume composed by Anne-Sophie Behagel and Amelie Bourgeois.


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