Fragrance 101: Storing Perfume & Protecting Your Investment

Wednesday December 15, 2021

Fragrance 101: Storing Perfume & Protecting Your Investment

Perfumes are a delightful way to experience self care and pampering while expressing your personality and taste. They are also quite fragile, and I don't just mean the bottles. When you open that bottle, you've started the timer for freshness and quality. Although most will stand the test of time, with estimated shelf life of 3-5 years, a little extra caution is a rule of thumb. There is a chemical balance in your petite bottle of olfactory happiness that may be disrupted which will increase the likelihood of going bad or ruining the composition. The scent could become less potent, smell funny or different, change colors, and potentially become unusable. How do I prevent my perfume investment from getting ruined? We have a few suggestions for preserving the life of your favorite fragrances.

Keep It Stored

Try to keep your scents away from light, heat, and moisture. These are elements that could rush the oxidation process, or that breakdown that causes it to go bad. Try keeping your scent in a closet or cabinet and not on your vanity for a long period of time. It may be a perfect place to show off those expensive and lovely looking bottles, but keeping them under wraps until use will pay off in the end. The vanity and the bathroom are the worst places to store your perfume. The amount of humidity is higher in the bathroom, so your scent is potentially losing potency. Better choices are a closet or a place where there is less humidity and on a lower shelf. That high shelf could also cause your scent to hit the floor and shatter.

Shut It Tight

Always keep your cap on tightly and replace them after each use. The exposure to oxygen is a bad thing over time for your scent. Be sure to seal them well and keep them inside their original boxes. Yes, over time some of these boxes will be more eyesores than protective gear, but the juice is safe. Especially if there is a loose cap, definitely use care. These scents are exposed the very first spritz to the elements.

Keep it Chill

There are debates that question whether it's OK to place fragrance in the fridge. The overwhelming answer is Yes! Please do, if you happen to have shelf space or one of those nifty little personal makeup fridges that are super popular now. The oils and essences inside are breaking down in exposure to climate extremes. This could cause the alcohol and water to coagulate and then instead of a puff of juice, there's slime in your bottle. With that being a risk factor, and some scents costing upwards to $250+ for ultra niche and exclusive lines, chilling the juice just makes perfect sense. If your scent collection is your pride and joy, do yourself a favor and limit any unwanted surprises.

Use Travel Sizes On the Go

It may be tempting to take that huge bottle with you on your trips, but before your next getaway consider packing a travel size. Try not to pour it up yourself in a small container. This may cause unsightly spilling into your luggage, plus opens the original bottle to oxygen. Buying travel sizes also limits exposure to light, heat, and humidity. And those tinier volumes will cost less and be less likely to break or spill due to their style of application or the housing. Many are designed with rollerballs or hidden inside atomizers, making them pretty impervious to the elements. This is also cost effective. Storage is a snap with small boxes that slip into pockets, zippered compartments, and handbags. For scent protection, you get the best of both words, portability and freshness. With this being said, you may wish to consider buying a fragrance subscription to LUXSB for your travel-ready fragrance solution. Plus, many of the fragrance houses you love are right here at Luxury Scent Box with the chance to sample before investing in a large scent (and cost) commitment. The LUXSB protective case protects your inner glass perfume vial from light exposure and from breaking. Sample first, large size later. LUXSB is also TSA friendly for your travel needs!

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