Fragrance 101: The Misunderstood Floral Family

Friday February 25, 2022

Fragrance 101: The Misunderstood Floral Family

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By: Stephanie M.

Something as beautiful as a garden inspires us to live life with joy. The innocence and attraction of florals is legendary in perfumery. The floral note is naturally a go to for any niche or designer house. Some still have misconceptions of this singularly spring ready scent family. It is seen as sometimes too mature, too big, or too feminine. Let's tackle some of the most common myths about florals and get your fragrance wardrobe spring/summer friendly! 

Some florals, especially white florals, are often accused of being "sillage or scent bombs". Too loud, intense or potent. There are quite a few flowers that do carry and have a certain lingering nature including jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, magnolia, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, and iris. Some are night blooming, various petals are picked at just the right hour for mazimum scent output. Sometimes when these are blended together, it may be a bit overwhelming. The whiff of several together may read too bold for some or off putting. This may be the definition of too much of a good thing! 

There are ways to wear floral fragrances that focus on one note. This is a soliflore perfume. Examples would be only gardenia or only jasmine. This can make the process of adjusting to florals not as jarring and allow the beauty and inherent qualities of each flower to shine. Or wearing your floral note in conjuction with another scent family.  Try exploring a fresh floral perfume with citrus top notes or a gourmand floral with chocolate or sugary notes. Another suggestion is a woodsy floral with base notes that add warmth and depth. These blends make the most of the flowers but also bring out the other notes that collaborate in a composition of elegance and interest. 

Sometimes florals are seen as being "old lady" or mature scents. This too is a misconception. Back to the "big white floral."  There are so many different types of florals for anyone. With formulas that range from eau de toilette to eau de parfum or an extrait de parfum. The former is weaker and the latter is strongest. There are also strengths or formulas such as "intense" or "midnight" or "night". This may mean that your scent will have more of a powerful punch than others. This may be more appropriate for evening wear or someone who prefers strong scents. Strong scents are obviously not for everyone.

Often the floral is viewed as overtly feminine. Maybe the focus on the beauty and Queen of Flowers, the rose gives this impression. Today's floral is not yesterday's floral. Men and women can wear this family with flair and swagger. Unisex blends of niche scents are known to take risks and make them pay off with nods to floral notes such as rose, peony, and violet. The balance is all important to successfully wear florals without feeling overly sweet or delicate. There is strength in a great floral note that is undeniable and pleasing to the nose. This spring or summer, take a chance on a floral perfume and allow it to take you on an exquisite journey unlike any other scent family. LUXSB, the official Luxury Scent Box is the perfect place to experiment with floral notes and build your own scent paradise.