Floral Faves For Spring

Friday May 8, 2020

Floral Faves For Spring


Spring and flowers are an inseparable combination. If you happen to love a good bouquet, or taking a stroll through a flower shop or a rose garden chances are that your a floral fan. With countless choices, a few suggestions for top picks worthy of your all time favorite girl are Jimmy Choo Floral, My Burberry Blush, and Versace Bright Crystal. 

Jimmy Choo Floral is radiant, sparkling, with notes of magnolia, citrus, and woodsy notes. This is a light, refreshing fragrance, reminding you that summer is right around the corner. Wear a fun spirited, sunny, glowing feeling fragrance with the floral flanker of the original Jimmy Choo.  


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My Burberry Blush is a beautiful, sophisticated scent with the floral notes of rose, geranium, jasmine, and wisteria. The fruity notes of lemon and pomegranate round out a London proper version of the fruity floral. The nose of this My Burberry flanker is Francis Kurkdjian, a legendary perfumer. This is one that could be worn for any occasion, an ideal addition to her collection. 


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Versace Bright Crystal is a tried and true fan favorite, appealing to women young and sophisticated. The peony and magnolia are the flowers that are featured. Lotus, pomegranate, and amber blend nicely in this universally wearable scent. This is an office friendly scent that will make you sparkle with cheerful energy. 


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