Best of Perfume Subscription Boxes Services

Wednesday July 7, 2021

Best of Perfume Subscription Boxes Services

Sometimes finding a perfect scent is difficult and we know that looking for the best perfume sampling options can also be a challenge. It can be overwhelming in finding the best perfume subscription box services online. We at LUXSB – the official Luxury Scent Box hear this frustration from our members frequently. From referrals, family or friends recommendations, co-workers or neighbors, and searching online, it can be a difficult choice to know who you can trust and which perfume subscription service to choose.

At LUXSB we offer our perfume subscription box service and are confident we can help you discover the perfect scent! Proud to say we are women co-founded and owned! We are your source to discover designer & niche fragrances from all over the world. A variety of classics, exclusives, new arrivals to the latest trends in perfumery. LUXSB is one of the largest sizes availble in a perfume subscription box. Our idea for a perfume subscription came directly from the frustrations we’ve all shared when shopping for a perfume or cologne and we understand it! That’s why we decided to rebuild fragrance shopping from the ground up in 2010.

Many online sites will sell you fragrances, of course, but none of them can draw from our depth of expertise and passion to guide you to the perfect ones. Our mission is to help our members discover scents they love. Today, sampler sizes are central to what we do, and we’re here when you want to upgrade to a larger size, too. As our CEO, Leila says, “Fragrances are not only part of our lives, they’re as individual as a favorite song or pair of jeans.” We also know it’s important for you to know your options as a consumer and have created a list of perfume subscription boxes that we consider the best perfume subscriptions boxes:

LUXSB – Official Luxury Scent Box

  • Location: S. California
  • Founded: 2010 (Women Founded)
  • Website:


  • Location formerly: New York
  • Current Location: New Jersey
  • Founded 2013
  • Website:

Scent Trunk



  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Founded: 2013 (Women Founded)
  • Website: