Bring Meditteranean passion for fragance to your mailbox with Monegal, a new niche launch at LUXSB! Monegal is a house wth 4 generations of perfumery...Read more
January 11, 2022
New year 2022, we are waiting for y0u! After a year during a pandemic, it's important to remember to celebrate. To find joy and gladness in a moment...Read more
December 29, 2021
Perfumes are a delightful way to experience self care and pampering while expressing your personality and taste. They are also quite fragile, and I...Read more
December 15, 2021
If a fire engine red lip or a men's 3 piece suit were a fragrance, it would probably be Dark Vanilla. A moment you stop and take notice of. Seductive...Read more
December 10, 2021
The touch of chill in the air, that first snowfall, and kicking up the thermostat can only mean one thing for the well versed scent wearer: what will...Read more
December 9, 2021