Wearing smoky oud and incense notes is a winter season ritual for many. It is the only time that something " going up in smoke" is a good thing!...Read more
January 22, 2022
Bring Meditteranean passion for fragance to your mailbox with Monegal, a new niche launch at LUXSB! Monegal is a house wth 4 generations of perfumery...Read more
January 11, 2022
New year 2022, we are waiting for y0u! After a year during a pandemic, it's important to remember to celebrate. To find joy and gladness in a moment...Read more
December 29, 2021
A bold sensory experience is in store with each bottle of INITIO Parfums Prives . Designed to break the rules of traditional perfumery, INITIO...Read more
December 27, 2021
Perfumes are a delightful way to experience self care and pampering while expressing your personality and taste. They are also quite fragile, and I...Read more
December 15, 2021